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Ciroc Apple Vodka

Friday, October 12th 6-9pm

CÎROC™ Apple is distilled five time to ensure high quality. The spirit is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of apple and other natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Enjoy on the rocks, as a shot or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

Join us for a sampling of Ciroc Apple and a cocktail!

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Fruitlandia Vodka

Saturday, October 13th 2018 12-2pm

Join us for a local Georgia vodka, learn some history on the brand and try it in a cocktail!

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Devils River Bourbon Tasting

Saturday, October 13th 2018 3-5pm 

Devils River small batch whiskey is bold, capturing the untamable spirit of the water it’s sourced from. A part of the Rio Grande basin system, the Devils River is remote and wild, demanding respect for the raw power of its waters and the rugged beauty of its landscape. The river’s naturally filtered limestone spring water is considered the purest water in Texas. The sweet iron free water helps create a bold, Sinfully Smooth Whiskey with a smooth, warm finish

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Gnarly Head Wine Tasting


Wednesday, October 18th 7-8:30pm $10.00

Gnarly Head wines began with a vision and a vine. In 2004, on a missions to make a serious zinfandel, out winemakers journeyed to Lodi in central California in search of the dames old vine Zinfandel vineyards. Grown in the head-trained, spur-pruned method for over a century, these vigorous gnarled vines produced more ripened red fruit that they had ever seen. They took it as a challenge to create the biggest, boldest Zinfandel they had ever made. The result was authentic, structured wines with a hint of something unexpected. Something Gnarly.

But Zinfandel is not the only grape that can be Gnarly. Our winemakers select grapes from some of the best vineyards in Northern California to produce wines in our Gnarly house style-big and juicy. These wines are the perfect compliment to life’s bold moments.

We will be sampling:

Sauvignon Blanc



1924 Red Blend

1924 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Russell’s Reserve Bourbon Tasting

Saturday, October 20th 12-3pm 

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is matured in only the deepest No.4 “alligator” char, American White Oak barrels handpicked by our master distillers. Individually bottles at 110 proof and non-chill filters to guarantee maximum flavor, each barrel has its own unique personality yet still captures our signature rich, creamy toffee and vanilla taste.


Join us for a sampling of:

Russell’s Reserve 10 year

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel

Russell’s Reserve 6 year Rye


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Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting

Saturday, October 20th 2018 3-6pm

Born in Austin, Deep Eddy Vodka is handcrafted in our Texas distillery by a team serious about creating a great spirit. Our vodkas are column-distilled 10 times using corn, the finest Texas water and natural flavors. Nothing but smooth, clean vodka reaches the bottle to deliver an award winning taste.

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Glenglassaugh Scotch Tasting


Friday, October 26th 7-9pm $15.00

Glenglassaugh Distillery, at the east end of the beautiful Sandend Bay, was founded by Col. James Moir in 1875. He quickly established a reputation for making a quality whisky and the company prospered.
He ran the distillery with his two nephews until 1892, when Glenglassaugh was purchased by Highland Distillers. After being completely re-built in 1960, the distillery continued to produce whisky until 1986 when it was mothballed. 

The distillery sat silent for over 20 years until it was purchased by a group of investors and started production again in December 2008. In 2013, the BenRiach Distillery Company took over Glenglassaugh distillery with the intention to bring this iconic distillery fully back to life by giving it the investment, commitment and care it deserves.

Glenglassaugh is produced using the highest quality of Scottish barley and traditional distilling methods, our key focus being on quality. While many distilleries have become highly automated, here at Glenglassaugh our spirit is still handcrafted by a small, highly skilled team dedicated to creating the highest quality product. Only the finest casks are selected to slowly mature our precious spirit in our coastal warehouses until it is ready.


We will be sampling:




Paired with cheese and charcuterie.

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Belle Isle Moonshine Tasting

Saturday, October 27th 12-3

Moonshine has gotten a bad rap over the years, but we’re out to spread the good word (and good moonshine). So how did this all start?

We’ve got to go back to the beginning, when early settlers in Virginia first began experimenting with native corn. Colonists quickly found that corn made for better beer - much better than the British ale they were used to. And after a few runs of corn through a shabby still, the corn whiskey “moonshine” was born.

Fast-forward a few years, where moonshine faded from popularity as barrel-aged whiskies became all the rage. Why? By aging spirits, they could mask the harsh flavors of unperfected moonshine.

It wasn’t until 1860s that moonshine would come back into the public eye, all thanks to Civil War soldiers taking a surplus of corn rations and elevating the moonshine distilling process by using copper kettles as higher quality stills. Where did this happen? On none other than Belle Isle itself.

With Prohibition following a few decades later, what Virginia knew and loved as moonshine became synonymous with all sorts of unregulated, untaxed, and impure distillates being distributed illegally throughout the country. By the time Prohibition was all said and done, the word “moonshine” had left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

That’s why, when brothers-in-law Vince Riggi and Brian Marks sat down together over a drink in 2013, they realized their dream of seeing moonshine on the shelf and in the hands of people everywhere. And not moonshine like we’ve come to know it; they dreamed up a premium moonshine, made using the same techniques passed down by our American ancestors, distilled from 100% organic corn, and made with only the best ingredients.

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Espolon Tequila and Day of the Dead Celebration!

Wednesday, October 31st 6-8pm 

Join us for a tasting and Day of the Dead Celebration!!

We will be sampling:

Espolón Blanco

Espolón Reposado

Espolón Anejo

Call Hillary at the Doraville store (770) 458-3272 for more information.