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DogFish Head Brewery Tasting


Friday, May 18th 5-7pm $3.00

Not only was Dogfish Head Delaware’s first brewpub, it was the smallest commercial brewery in America. Insert ‘off-centered ales for off-centered people.’ Our hunger for weird ingredients and venturing off the beaten path was just getting started. Fast-forward to today and we’re still motivated by non-conformity. By spontaneity. By experimentation. Because we don’t jump on the bandwagon, we are the funky drummer.


We will be sampling:

60 Min IPA

90 Min IPA

Seaquench Ale

Festina Peche

Luau Coconut IPA

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Sam Adams Tasting


Saturday, May 19th  12-2pm  $3.00

Samuel Adams combined pride, confidence, passion, and optimism in bringing Americans together to ignite the American Revolution.  With a similar spirit, Jim Koch helped start the Craft beer revolution when he first brewed Boston Lager over 30 years ago - a revolution that is going strong to this day with close to 5,000 independent Craft brewers nationwide.   

We will be sampling:

Summer Ale

Porch Rocker

Sam 76’

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Bulleit Bourbon Tasting


Saturday, May 19th 3-6pm $3.00

To this day, Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in the Bulleit family tradition. High rye content gives it a bold, spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish. Kentucky limestone-filtered water provides a foundation for the bourbon’s character, while charred American oak barrels lend a smoky backbone. Our aging philosophy is simple: we wait until our bourbon is ready. As Bulleit enthusiasts know, rye has always been our cornerstone. In this tradition, we’re proud to present Bulleit Rye-a straight rye whiskey made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It’s a whiskey with unparalleled spice and complexity. 

We will be sampling Bulleit and having a special cocktail! 

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New Belgium Tasting


Wednesday, May 23rd 2018  5-7pm  $3.00

As our aspiring young homebrewer rides his mountain bike with "fat tires" through European villages famous for beer, New Belgium Brewing Company was but a glimmer in his eye. Or basement. For Jeff Lebesch would return to Fort Collins with an imagination full of recipes and a handful of ingredients ready to embark on a whole new journey. And then there was beer. Jeff's first two basement-brewed creations? A brown dubbel with earthy undertones named Abbey and a remarkably well-balanced amber he named Fat Tire.

We will be sampling:

Fat Tire Belgium White

Tartastic Strawberry Lemon

Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA

The Hemperor IPA

Sour Saison


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California Chardonnay Tasting


Thursday, May 24th 2018  6-8pm  $10.00

Come celebrate National Chardonnay Day with us!!

We will be sampling:

Wente Riva Ranch

Wente Morning Fog

Donati Sister Forever


Julia James

Call Hillary at the Doraville store (770) 458-3272 for more information.