WHEN Friday, August 17th 2018 5-8pm
WHERE Tower Tasting Room 5877 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA

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Rebecca Creek Whiskey & Enchanted Rock Vodka Tasting


Friday, August 17th2018 $3.00

Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Rebecca Creek Distillery was founded in October of 2009 by Steve Ison. His vision and passion for high quality spirits led to building our distillery using a blend of old and new technology to produce some of the highest quality distilled spirits available in the ultra premium category

We will be sampling:

Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Enchanted Rock Vodka

Enchanted Rock Peach Vodka

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Don Julio 70th Anniversary Tequila Tasting

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Skyy Watermelon Tasting


Saturday, August 18th 2018 3-5pm $3.00

The new SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon offers a mouth-watering and slightly sweet spirit, where the real-fruit flavor bursts forward to stand out with most any mixer. Fans will open a bottle and immediately notice the aroma of fresh Watermelon paired with premium smooth vodka made from American grain for an elevated true-to-fruit experience. SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon is the perfect complement for outdoor cocktails with its bright fruitiness, and can be enjoyed on the rocks, muddled with fresh fruit, or used to put a surprising twist on a classic favorite.

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Captain Morgan White Rum Tasting


Friday, August 24th6-9pm $3.00

As light and crisp as an unfurled sail, my Captain Morgan White Rum makes the best rum cocktails.

Between my sea-faring antics, my crew and I dropped anchor in secluded island coves for some lively revelries. In honour of these parties I created Captain Morgan White rum.

It is made from the finest selection of Caribbean rums – resulting in a refreshingly crisp taste. Perfect for mixing with cola or to make the best tasting mojitos.

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Infuse Vodka Tasting


Saturday, August 25th2018 12-3pm $3.00

Introducing the world's first line of single bottle infusions. It is easy to get lost in the liquor aisle. That's why we launched our company with vodkas that have real fruit and spices - so you can SEE what's inside every bottle. We don't just tell you it's infused, we show you inside every single bottle. In fact, we are the only single-bottle infusion company that sticks to this philosophy: natural, real ingredients insideevery bottle. No added sugars, dies, or artificial ingredients - ever.


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New Realm Brewery Tasting


Saturday, August 25th2018 3-5pm $3.00

Here, we believe in a New Realm of thinking, doing and most importantly brewing. We ask questions. Rethink tradition. Bend the rules. Reconfigure boundaries. What we do next all comes down to one simple pursuit: to never become stale in any sense or style.

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Jim Beam Premium Bourbon Tasting


Thursday, August 30th2018 6-8pm $5.00

Since 1795 we’ve remained true to our family recipe, passed on from generation to generation. Today we carry on the legacy of the legendary Beam Master Distillers and Make History® in every bottle


We will be sampling:

Jim Beam Devils Cut

Jim Beam Bonded

Jim Beam Black

Jim Beam Double Oak

Call Hillary at the Doraville store (770) 458-3272 for more information.