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Makers Mark Wax Dipping & Tasting

Thursday, November 15th6-8pm

Join us for a Makers Mark wax dipping for the holidays! Make sure to get your bottle dipped!

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Dixie Vodka Tasting

Friday, November 16th5-7pm

Join us for a Dixie Vodka tasting! Try all the flavors and some craft cocktails!

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Johnnie Walker Black Scotch Tasting

Saturday, November 17th12-3pm

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a true icon, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep character. An impressive whisky to share on any occasion, whether you're entertaining at home or on a night out with friends.

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18.21 Bitters making Craft Cocktails

Saturday, November 17th3-5pm

Extra Extra Read All About It! PROHIBITION IS OVER! 18.21 Bitters was created to craft a better cocktail. We may no longer need to disguise our smuggled libations but it sure is fun to pretend! See the finest in premium, small batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters, tinctures, shrubs, syrups and tonic, ginger beer and pre-mixed craft cocktails. Throw on your top hat, grab a bottle and have a roaring good time!


We will be serving 3 different holiday craft cocktails!!


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Courvoisier Cognac Tasting


Friday, November 30th7-8:30pm

$15.00 please RSVP seating is limited

Legend has it that in 1811 Napoleon Bonaparte visited the Courvoisier warehouses run by Emmanuel Courvoisier and his associate Louis Gallois. Later, the French leader took several barrels of the cognac with him to St. Helena, and the English officers on his ship enjoyed it so much they nicknamed Courvoisier “The Cognac of Napoleon.”

Another Napoleon, Napoleon III, reinforced Courvoisier’s reputation as the finest cognac available by granting Courvoisier Cognac the title of "Official Supplier to the Imperial Court" in 1869.

Currently, Courvoisier is one of the leading cognac houses in the world and continues to excel in the spirits category with its renowned blends, including VS, VSOP, XO, Exclusif, Napoleon, 12 Year Old, 21 Year Old and L’Essence. 


We will be sampling: 




Call Hillary at the Doraville store (770) 458-3272 for more information.